"Best Insurance Agency around" -Robert Linn of Milton, PA

"The Coup Agency, and Julie in particular, has always cared for our insurance needs with efficiency and attention. They found us ways to save in cost without sacrificing the level of coverage provided. I'd recommend their caring, professional service to everyone!" -Patricia Johnston, Lewisburg PA

"Thank you Jeff for your years of personalized service and caring. I value your expertise and know that I can trust your guidance!" -Rickie Meryl Freedman, Harrisburg PA

"I just wanted to take a moment and tell you that I absolutely love working with Laura. She is so helpful to me and answers my questions immediately. I can't say enough about her and the service that she has provided for us. We are very happy being your customer!!!!! I think Laura deserves the best and she certainly provides the best service. I have never met her and she still does not hesitate to answer any of my questions in a timely manner. Thank you very much!” –Dianna Bogart, Berwick PA

"Danielle; Thank you so much for helping us get straightened out on our insurance. The company we were with for 17 years started acting hostile towards us and forcing us to sign for things we didn't ask for. I really got hot when they started raising our insurance premiums like a freight train gone mad. You saved us about $500.00 dollars a year and we have more and better coverage than we had with them. I was told I couldn't get the coverage you helped us get on our van alone and for way less than them. I for one will be telling people about your agency and you. We feel we have found a new true friend. Thank you so much." -William and Darlene Johns, Milton PA

"Thanks for the prompt service for my insurance claim. The referral gift card was an unexpected bonus to a bad day! Thank you"-Bernadette Brown, Milton PA

“Thank you again for your prompt assistance, just the sort of service that I have come to expect and rely upon from the Coup Agency!”-Matthew Doebler, Lion Contracting, LLC, Lewisburg, PA

“The day before I left for Charlotte , my house insurance bill arrived. When I saw the increase, I was concerned. But, since I was leaving for 2 weeks, I paid it, figuring I'd check into it when I got home. I got home late last night, and there was a phone message from Laura of your Lewisburg office. She called me while I was gone and left a message stating she found an alternative to the current high cost policy. She found the reduced rate without me even having to ask her, and I thought that was really a nice thing to do. The total savings is in excess of $100. So, a gold star for Laura!” John Moore, Milton  PA

"I originally contacted The Coup Agency due to the insurance offering replacement cost coverage on new vehicles. Now that I have realized their high level of customer service, I wish I would have done so a long time ago. My questions were answered extremely promptly and they made sure that I had the appropriate level of coverage; even on a policy I was not switching to their service." -Brenda Apple, Milton PA

"We switched our insurance accounts for our home, cars and a rental house to the Coup Agency over a year ago. By representing multiple companies, they can place your policy with a company that is the most cost competitive. We have been extremely satisfied with the service. Jeff Coup was instrumental in our decision to initially open the accounts. Danielle Radel was great at explaining the policies and subsequent questions that have arisen. Unfortunately we needed the claims department and Pat Duncan is thorough and prompt in her responses. It is comforting to know your insurance needs are addressed with the knowledgeable and caring team at the Coup Agency." -Mark Bittner, Lewisburg PA

"Jeff, I just wanted to say thank you for the help with our insurance claim. We appreciate how well everything was handled from the Coup Agency and also Mutual Benefit. We're not sure how we could have handled it ourselves. Thanks again for bing there. That's what matters most when we have to turn to our insurance comany." -Jason Coup, Milton PA

"I was very pleased with The Coup Agency and Kemper Insurance after my recent car accident. The Kemper Replacement Insurance provided me with a new 2011 model at no cost to me." -Don Wilver, Milton, his 2002 Subura Outback and a deer had an unfriendly encounter.

"We have been with the Coup Agency for many years and want to let the public know of their fair rates, good customer service that is always there to answer your questions and excellent coverage. We highly recommend this agency to anyone who is looking around or who has something but is not satisfied with their present situation." Renee Sharkey, McAdoo PA

“Thank you for your time and interest in our auto claim. I noticed numerous letters after your name. I’m adding “YDM” (You Da Man) Mark Bittner, Lewisburg PA”.